Community For Better Life (CFBL)


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"Community For Better Life (CFBL)"はマラウイ共和国のザレカ難民キャンプで暮らす住民を支援するために設立された地域コミュニティです。 Community For Better Life (CFBL) is a community-based organization in Dzaleka Refugee Camp, Malawi.

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- 難民たちの生活水準が改善し、経済的に自立した生活を送れるようなる。 - 難民の若者たちが自らの能力を最大限に発揮し、革新と活気に満ちた地域社会を実現する。


私たち"Community For Better Life (CFBL)"はザレカ難民キャンプに住む住民たち、特に社会的弱者である女性と若者への経済的な自立を支援する組織として活動しています。しかし現在我々は資金的な困難を抱えており、計画されたプロジェクトを実施し、設定された目標を達成するための十分な資金へのアクセスを持っていません。





- 給水にも問題があります。飲用水、トイレ用水が不足は状態的であり、常に衛生環境が劣悪です。


As an organization focused at empowering Refugee women and youths    economically, we don’t have enough access to funding so that we are able to implement our planned projects and achieve the goals set; because of this we usually fail to achieve our annual plans and reach out to all our target beneficiaries.

- Community for better life faces a challenge of having an inadequate office material such as office chairs, camera and banners. We borrow plastic chairs from neighboring house and we are asked to return the chairs when we knock off from the office.

- workers faces a challenge of limited access to stipend or salary which can motivate them, this leads to a low productivity of the Organization.

- We have a challenge of electricity at our building, we charge our laptops from people’s houses which is not safe for our items and our stored data.

- We have problem of water supply at our working site; this always leads to a poor hygiene at our office because we sometimes lack water for mopping, drinking and for toilet use.





- We intend to challenge an issue of lack to funding to ensure that our projects propel and sustained to continue bringing an impact in the lives of refugees and the lives of Host community members.

- We challenge an issue of having limited to office materials and media items so that the organization is well marketed to reach out to a big audience and provide a well report to our donors and partners. Office materials are necessary at providing a comfortable working space for workers and bring productivity in the Organization.

- We want to make sure that our office is secured from thieves when they see it is lightening but this is a very big worry to us since there is no electricity and most of our items depends on electricity.

- To promote hygiene for the people we serve and the visitors.

Community For Better Life (CFBL)

Gabriel Ndende Muholeza/Daiki Takemoto(竹本大起)